Robin Mount-Ming was introduced to this industry in 1996, fresh out of college. A Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts proved itself worthy when she was hired on as a sales assistant at a southern California Atlas Van Line agent . She learned the ropes of tradeshow transportation and expo services quickly. In late 1997, Robin teamed up with Mike Mount and his father Bill to start Century Transportation Services, LLC. As with any new business venture, the next few years consisted of early mornings and late nights. In the spring of 2000, Mike and Robin were married.

Century Expo Services is where Robin’s business passion lies. Bringing to the table extensive experience in event coordination, she had her own event planning business while in college and worked in the restaurant and bar industry coordinating parties, corporate meetings, chili cook-offs and other various functions. To her delight, Century was able to offer more of this as a full service show contractor. Following her passion, Robin has helped to grow this aspect of the business securing multiple shows in many different industries over the years. As part of her successful business plan, she travels to; and is on site at every show that Century coordinates and handles.

As President, Robin oversees the daily operations of the company and the satellite offices around the country.


Chief Operating Officer
Drew Bio Photo

In 1999, Century was growing and was ready to hire on its very first salesman. A long time friend was called upon to fulfill this position. Drew Maughan had extensive experience in restaurant management and along with his electric personality, he was a perfect fit for the tradeshow industry. After four years, Drew moved his family to the Seattle, WA area and ventured out on his own by starting Direct to Show, Inc.; another tradeshow transportation company. In 2005, because of the untimely loss of Century's founder, Mike Mount; Drew was once again called upon for help. Direct to Show merged with Century and Drew became Century's new Chief Operating Officer. Drew continues to reside in the Seattle area and runs the Seattle office for Century. He continues to travel extensively… running trade shows, managing on-site freight supervision, attending corporate meeting and consulting.


Senior Account Executive
Bill Mount

Bill helped open Century's doors back in 1997 and is now our industry veteran. Bill Mount began working as a transportation salesman for the trade show transportation company, Comtrans in 1987. He was an instant success after being brought on board by his son Michael. Residing in the Greater Milwaukee, WI area it was natural that Bill would open and manage a 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse -Bill Mount Exhibit Storage (BMES) in Racine, WI. This historic, multilevel carriage house turned warehouse, housed the 2nd largest functioning freight elevator (rated at 18,000lbs) in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, in 2014 this historical building was sold and the BMES warehouse had to close its doors. Bill is now living in Tennessee running our Nashville office. Neither Bill's quiet demeanor, nor his humble attitude compromise his ability to sell like a giant. Bill continues to work with a sizeable list of big name clients.

In fond memory of MICHAEL MOUNT

1959 - 2005
Mike Mount

Michael J. Mount began his career in tradeshow logistics several decades ago. In 1997 Mike took the plunge and decided to venture out on his own to start Century Transportation Services, LLC. An instant success, with the help of his soon-to-be wife and father; Century quickly grew. In spring 2005, Century lost its founder. At the young age of 46, Mike was involved in a motorcycle accident that prematurely ended his life. Mike’s foresight allowed Century to stay afloat and continue to be successful even after his untimely demise. We all are continually grateful for the opportunities and blessings that were given through Mike.